Saturday, January 3, 2009

Business Online Networking: An Inexpensive and Effective Way to Increase Your Business Marketability

Businesses need to network. No business is an island. From small startup businesses to big multinational companies, networking has been a part and will always be a part of business. Networking is where companies forge partnerships with other companies, and companies with customers/clients.

The Internet has forever changed the landscape of how people do everything – from doing research to finding jobs to developing projects (like software) to doing business. Right now, people are selling online (which makes it possible to reach customers from anywhere), buying online, do banking online, etc. And with the explosive growth of social networking sites like Facebook, businesses are also likely to find ways to "network" online.

Last Thursday, January 1, 2009, Bam Aquino of Start Up interviewed Adonis Yap, the President of SME Solutions – of the Planters Development Bank, to talk about online business networking. To read the full interview, click Business Online Networking: Bam Aquino’s Interview with Adonis Yap.

Here’s a summary of that interview:

What websites can I use to network with other businesses?

1. SME.COM.PH – for more established businesses (according to Bam Aquino).
2. BIZTER.COM.PH – more like popular social networking sites like Facebook (according to Bam Aquino).

Why should you consider “online business networking?”

1. Businesses can easily come up with their own webpages containing essential info like company profile, description of what they do, what they sell, some photos of their products, etc.

2. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to increase marketability (source: Start Up).

3. Online networking is fast and more convenient.

4. Web presence is becoming more and more crucial nowadays. Businesses need to have their very own website to gain web presence and credibility.

5. You can easily give out your email and website address to potential customers or partners, aside from handing out your business card.

There are, of course, popular networking sites for professionals like LinkedIn, however, for businesses here in the Philippines, you can use or

That’s it, why don’t you go ahead and give these websites a try. Strengthen your network and web presence now with these tools. Again, to read the full interview, click Business Online Networking: Bam Aquino’s Interview with Adonis Yap.


Zsolt Balla said...

I think is a good option too, if you are serious about business


Gel said...

ok, i'll check on that site too, thanks :-)