Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Filipino Problogger-Wannabes Need to Start Blogging Now?

Here are some reasons why you should consider blogging as early as now:
1. The internet has not yet penetrated a large percentage of the country’s households. Yes, the internet is still in its “toddlerhood” here in the Philippines, and if you’re a problogger-wannabe (like me), we can take advantage of this.

If you want to become an authority in your particular niche, then you have to start blogging right now. Think about it, in 2 years (or more) time, you could have the most authoritative blog in your niche or industry.

2. Success takes time. Blogheads like you and me know that, in blogging, our greatest investment is our time and our effort (and some money). I realized that we have to remember the following things:
• It takes time to grow from being a novice to being a pro. Like what Patricia Benner (some old psychology lady) found out in her study, before a novice becomes an expert, he first has to go through 5 stages of expertise, and they are – novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert.

You can’t have all the habits, knowledge and experience of a problogger right away after blogging for just a few months (but you can try learning from their experiences, like what I’m trying to do). Real growth is gradual, says an old book.

• It takes time to build great content. If you are going to check out, you will find that it has a deep archive of great content. No wonder it’s one of the most authoritative blogs about blogging.

Remember, it takes time to build great content (unless of course you’re the kind of user who steals content from others to make a quick buck from ads, which is wrong).

• It takes time to build traffic. When I first started this little blog, I asked local probloggers Noel Bautista ( and Anton Diaz ( about the average length of time it takes for one blog to build traffic. Noel Bautista said: Steady traffic depends sa activity mo at kung gaano mo kadalas i-promote. It may take 2 months or it may take 5 years.” (Steady traffic depends on your activities and how often you promote it. It may take 2 months or it may take 5 years.) Anton Diaz said: It would take 6-10 months before may traffic ‘yung site.” (It would take 6-10 months before the site had traffic)

The obvious reason for this is because, like what I’ve said, it takes time to build great content. According to Darren Rowse (, the richer your archive is, the greater the number of “entry points” people will have to access your blog. More “entry points,” more visitors, more traffic.

(Note: Celebrity bloggers can get loads of traffic instantly, but they’re a different story, because they can always take advantage of their fame)

• It takes time to build a reputation. In the blogosphere, there will be no other people who can better judge how good a blogger you are, other than your fellow bloggers.

In general, by building great content over time, you can gain your fellow bloggers’ respect. There are exceptions though, like people who, before becoming bloggers, were already famous for being experts in their respective fields. Just imagine a Nobel laureate starting a blog about his field of expertise. :-)

• It takes time to learn, really learn. I believe that blogging is a journey. And we learn valuable lessons along the way. Sometimes it takes several mistakes to make the lesson really sink in. That’s why there’s no other better teacher than experience.

Convinced now? Start blogging today. :-)

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