Monday, December 22, 2008

Problogger Wannabes: 4 Things to Expect During your Early Months of Blogging

If you will check my very first post here, you’ll find out that I have started this little blog only over a month ago. Yes, true, this blog is still in its infancy; however, I’m a little proud to say that, while this blog is still a “baby,” the blogger’s already a “toddler.” :-)

Why? Well, although it may not be very obvious to you (perhaps due to the plainness of my English), but I have been a blogger for over 2 years now. Aside from this blog, I also have this “other” blog, a personal one, which has been the focus of my “writer-wannabe” energy all throughout these years.

Blogging (for negosyo360 and for the “other” blog) has made me realize that almost every blogger – big or small, with self-hosted blogs or not, pro or a newbie – first underwent the same stages of blog development, or blog maturity. If you have been blogging for 6 months or less, here are some of the things, in my opinion, every newbie (that includes me) has to expect:

a. Few people will read your blog (unless you’re famous).

b. Expect little to no traffic at all (unless you’re famous).

c. Patience will wear thin. Enthusiasm will run dry.
d. You won’t earn thousands right away.

This is a mini-series of posts on Problogger Wannabes: 4 Things to Expect during your Early Months of Blogging. The full series is PART 1 (Few people will read your blog), PART 2 (Expect little to no traffic at all), PART 3 (Patience will wear thin. Enthusiasm will run dry), PART 4 (You won’t earn thousands right away).

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