Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Can Make Use of Cellphones to Strengthen Customer Relationship

Cellphones. Every Pinoy has them. From little “industry vs. inferiority-troubled” schoolchildren, to confused adolescents, up to the “20%-discount demanding” seniors, cellphones have become part of every Filipino’s life.

But SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) owners can make use of cellphones to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

The advantages…

• It gives the entrepreneur–customer relationship a personal touch. This can, in turn, turn your ordinary customers into loyal customers.

• It’s cheap. It doesn’t cost much. With services such as Sun’s Unlicall/txt, or Smart’s Unlimited Text, or Globe’s Unlitext, it’s never impossible to send them text alerts anytime, anywhere.

• It can increase your sales by letting your customers know updates from your business. Send your customers text alerts to let them know when you’re going to hold a sale, if you have any promos or “pa-raffle” going on, etc. Send them text alerts and you’ll be sending them to your store.

• It gives impression that your business is customer-friendly, and that you are trustworthy. Text messages can give a personal touch to your business/service.

[I’ve worked in an internet café before (for only more than 1 month) and there were instances when customers requested to be “texted” when their documents were already done.]

This extends your service to them. It gives them an impression that your business is customer-friendly, and when you “only” send business-related slash legitimate text messages, it gives credibility slash trustworthiness to your business.

Things to take note…

1. Do protect the privacy of your customers. Don’t give their numbers away.
2. Don’t send them “text spam.” Never abuse the trust your customers gave you.
3. Respect their decision if they tell you that they don’t want to receive text alerts anymore. Text alerts, like in Web browsers, are only “add-ons” to your business. “Uninstall” them from your customers if they no longer want it.

Inspiration for this post: An ukay-ukay store in our town. :-)

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