Saturday, November 15, 2008


I don’t have any Mario Sanchez book, though I would really love to have one, or two, or three – for free. Hehehe. Frankly, I didn’t know who this Mario Sanchez was just until this week, when he guested on Shoptalk with Pia Hontiveros, although I think I must have seen his face, or his books at the National Bookstore. Hmmmm *thinking*

Yes, I think I’ve seen his books, although at that time, I was more into Bo Sanchez’s books, so I never bothered to check out Mario’s books, or any other books. Wait a minute, what’s this – Bo SANCHEZ and Mario SANCHEZ? Are these guys related?

Well, anyway, it’s time to get down to blogging business, so here we go. This post will be about Mario’s “WHAT BUSINESS TO GET INTO?” It’s not actually about the different businesses that you can go into, it’s only a list of questions that you can ask yourself to have better idea on what business to pursue. Frankly, I am not sure if the following are Mario’s; I only saw them being flashed on my TV screen while Mario was talking to Pia Hontiveros. Hehehe. So let’s start.

1. LOOK INTO YOUR PAST – Look into my past? Why? (NOTE: Not advisable for those who have been abused as a child. Hehehe. Just kidding.) Perhaps Mario wants us to look back and have an idea on our past interests, the things that we’ve engaged in, the things that we found we love doing, the things we found we were good at, etc. This, of course, will prove helpful by giving us ideas on what business to put up today. Everyone, if given a chance, would want to put up something he/she loves doing, plus knowing the things that he/she’s good at, he/she’ll be able to assess, or come up with a decision on what business to start.

2. WHAT SKILLS OR SERVICES DO YOU KNOW? – This one’s a no-brainer. Do you know how to fix cars? How ‘bout fixing computers? Do you have a green-thumb? Do you know how to make clothes or bags? As long as you know or have skills on something, definitely you can build a business out of your talent/skills/gift. You’re more likely to succeed if you enjoy what you’re doing.

3. WHAT BUSINESSES ARE YOUR FRIENDS/RELATIVES ENGAGED IN? – Because they can help you. You’ll have an idea on what businesses they’re into, how they running their businesses, how successful they are at it, what were the common problems that they’ve encountered, and how did they deal with the challenges? Running your own business can be tough, that’s why their advice, tips, and guidance may prove valuable, or even priceless, to you.

4. WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO LEARN? – It’s a tough question to answer (for me). I think what needs to be answered first is, “Are you willing to learn?” Like what I’ve said, running a business can be tough. Are you willing to go the extra mile? What are you willing to learn? Experience, of course, is the best teacher, but most of the time, learning from experience is the hardest. Are you willing to take on the hard lessons?

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