Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Be Hapee to Succeed!

Lamoiyan Corporation's CEO, Mr. Cecilio Pedro got interviewed last time on Go Negosyo Bigtime, and here are the highlights of that interview:

When asked about how Hapee toothpaste came to be:
“I was making aluminum tubes before for the multinational companies and then they decided to change from aluminum, ginawa nilang plastic laminated tubes. Instead of throwing away all my tubes, I decided to put toothpaste in my tubes and sell it as Hapee.”

When asked about how his company competes with multinational companies: “Multinational companies, just like any company in this world, are composed or are made up of people like us, so tao din ‘yan. Kung kaya nila, kaya rin natin. More so I believe that the Filipinos are world-class. Ang Pinoy ay world-class. What we have to do is to believe in the capabilities and the talents of the Filipinos to compete, not only here in the Philippines, but internationally.”

When asked about his company employing people with disabilities: “Alam n’yo po, we have about 25% of our work force come in from the hearing impaired. Tao din sila, just like you and me. Ang kakulangan lang nila, they cannot hear and they cannot speak. Other than that, they’re as good as you; they’re as world-class as any Filipino(s) in the world. Aside from providing jobs, we have a school for the deaf. (The company has 3 of these schools, one in Laguna, one Palawan and one Nueva Ecija.) What we do is we collect these deaf kids all over and provide free education to teach them basic sign language so that they can communicate and they can read and write. So, for those who qualify, after graduating from high school, they go to college, and we teach them to become teachers so that they can in turn go out and teach others. For those who cannot go to college, after finishing high school, we try to look for jobs. So in Lamoiyan, they are given first priority.”

When asked about what he thinks his company’s greatest accomplishment: “The greatest success of Lamoiyan is to survive in this very competitive market, the toothpaste industry. Competing with the best is like fighting, it’s like the story of David competing, fighting with Goliath. We are competing with the Goliaths of the industry. The fact that we’re still surviving after 20 years is God’s grace.”

When asked about his products being exported to other countries: “Oh yeah, we’re exporting now to Middle East, to Vietnam, we’re in Papa, Papua New Guinea. We’re also in Hawaii; we’re also in the States. And we’re proven, we are proving to the world that the Filipino product can be as good as any in the world.

When asked to give an inspiring message to Filipinos (particularly, “to budding entrepreneurs,” according to Eco): “So I want you guys to go out and become an entrepreneur. Look for a business, there are so many, so many opportunities out there. What you have to do is to accumulate a little capital, mag-ipon tayo, kahit kunti lang, kahit sari-sari store is doing so much to help the economy. Put up your own capital, put up your own store, generate employment by hiring some people to help you out. Be an entrepreneur. Go into business. Kahit walang trabaho, ok lang, gumawa kayo ng kunting negosyo, and by that way, starting with a very small capital, save, save and save. Don’t spend unnecessarily. Save as much as you can and invest your savings into business. Start a business. That’s the only way for you to help yourself, and help this country, the Philippines.”

SOURCE: Go Negosyo Big Time TV show (aired last Saturday, November 15, 2008)

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